Thursday, November 29, 2012

Customer Service

My wife & I were eating in a McDonald's near the Apache reservation this week and heard the woman behind the counter ask one exact question to each customer, "What can we make for you today?" This isn't about them getting something pre-made for a customer--it's an admission that they were tailoring something specific for each person. This isn't a mass-produced item, but is made as you ask for it & made with you in mind.

My mind started working on how this applies to the church. There are certain parts of what we practice that are important components of liturgy and culture. If we want to reach new people though, is there a way to tailor-make an experience for each person? Are we willing to be open to the idea of restructuring our services and programs to reach people that we aren't currently reaching? If the church wants to impact people that we aren't presently influencing we'll have to do something different than what we're doing right now. Our choice is to either change or to be content with saying, "Here's what we do--either grab it or don't."

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