Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flowing Water

All of our relationships are fluid-some more than others. They can change as people's moods are affected, as life circumstances fluctuate, and as a reaction to what is said and done to us. As they change we have to continually work at maintaining and developing them. While there are certain aspects of them that may remain static, we generally must invest in them and make adaptations to see them thrive.

I've recently been meditating on the concept of relationships and how we make a personal impact on those around us. For us to have healthy interactions we have to ask a probing, personal question: "Am I adding benefit to the people in my life?" This can be a difficult question to answer and not just because we aren't sure how to quantify the response. It requires taking a step back and asking God to reveal the truth of how we treat our spouses, children, friends, co-workers, fellow Christ-followers, and community. We may not like the answer we receive in return, but hopefully the truth will reveal areas in which we can improve.

I liken relationships to flowing water because of the change and adaptability it takes to make them godly and successful. It also presents us with two options in how we will impact those around us. We will either be a fountain that provides refreshment, energy, and revitalization or we will be a drain that focuses only on stealing vitality, desire, and trust.

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