Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Twenty years ago on Valentine's Day was my first date with my wife. We were supposed to be consolation friendship dates for each other, but it ended up being more romantic than that.

As I looked ahead to this two-decade anniversary, I decided to spend the twenty days leading up to it by doing something for her each day that specifically showed how much I love & treasure her. These ranged from simple reminders of things shared in the past, music playlists, special meals, a video, and gifts given from us to our Compassion children. They are reminders and gestures that reflect our passion, friendship, and respect for each other as well as what God is doing to change us more into His likeness. It has been a sweet time of remembrance, celebration, and romance for both of us.

Twenty days is not enough time for me to express how much of my heart is hers. Twenty years is not enough time spent together. Thank you my love for all that we share.

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