Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where Are the Men?

It has become even more obvious to me this week that we are missing positive, godly male leadership in the church and our communities. I see so many of our young men here with distorted views of what is right and wrong, with skewed perceptions of their relationship with young women and increased emphasis on the stereotypical behavior patterns that our culture has imposed on them. We are in desperate need of male role models who will make the sacrifice of time and effort to help raise up this next generation. This doesn't only apply to our middle and high school youth-it is for all ages. We talk as a staff each week about the need for volunteer leaders in preschool and grade school and our college young men and those in their twenties and beyond need this as well.

God intended for men to take the lead in the development of faith for the family and that extends into the church and our society as well. I am very thankful for godly women that have taken the spiritual lead for families and our communities. Now is time for a revival of men that need to step into the role God intended them serve in.

A generation is floundering and may go to hell if we don't.

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  1. If men only knew how attractive a godly man is to a woman. (Sigh) The world has them convinced otherwise and the world has convinced young women that they have to settle for less. So sad and such a desperate cultural situation. I appreciate your post more than you know.