Sunday, June 12, 2011

Missionally Minded

The word "missional" is used in church lingo to describe an organization that is very focused on fulfilling its purpose. It indicates a church that is very concerned with reaching out to the community around them and also to the rest of the world. People debate whether a church should use it to describe themselves since it is the calling of the church to reach the world to begin with. It can be considered redundant to describe a church with a word that is supposed to be part of its DNA.

Therein lies the problem. If the Church (God's people throughout the world) is actually fulfilling its mission there is no need to use the word "missional" to describe who we are. It's simply what we do by nature. It's the lack of that focus in the Church and her people that create a gap that must be filled. We waste time focusing on inane discussions of things that don't matter while our enemy, satan, works hard to disrupt any momentum that we might gain.

Satan understands and is passionately engaged in fulfilling his mission. Shouldn't the church have the same motivation-especially when we are guaranteed of victory? It will be costly, but any prize as valuable as life with Christ is well worth it.

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