Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memory Loss

Ministry is hard. Life is hard. We often lose focus in the challenges of raising our children, working through difficulties in the church and struggling through our own uneven steps of faith. It can feel as if the walls are closing in and that the comfort and confidence we seek just can’t seem to be found. This is discouraging, deflating and has the potential to derail us from God’s path and vision.

I am reminded from Scripture this morning that we simply need to look to the past evidence of God’s work for our hope. It is easy for us to forget that He has already delivered us from a fruitless and hopeless future. The loud voice of urgency from our current circumstances can cause us to forget the soothing voice of what is important-our King has always been working for the good of those who love Him.

Much like the Israelites, we need to talk about the things that God has done to bring us to this point. Our faith will be emboldened as we pray, work and worship through current circumstances and are always looking to what our God will do next. 

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