Thursday, March 17, 2011

Take Action

We pray frequently asking God to do big things in our lives. We want Him to heal our marriages, strengthen our relationships, fix our children, make our finances better, increase our faith and reveal His will for our lives. There is nothing wrong with asking God for these things. In fact, He tells us that that He wants to bless His children and reveal His great glory through His love for all of us. Psalm 37:4 tells us that if we will delight in Him that He will give us the desires of our hearts.

I think the step that we often miss in seeing God's answer to our prayers is the step of obedience. We need to realize that God is the only one that can provide the solutions to our dilemmas, but we also need to be ready to take action. If you are asking God to protect your child and set them on the right path for their life, you need to be investing in them and speaking those truths to them as you pray. If you want God to heal your marriage then you need to be communicating with your spouse and talking about God's plan for you both. When you seek God's help in your finances, you need to set a budget and be faithfully tithing. If you want people to know who Christ is, you have to be willing to share that truth with them.

God can certainly work in spite of us (He does it all the time), but it is when we act in alignment with what we are asking from Him that He provides His greatest answers and we see our faith increase the most.

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