Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Intimate Greetings

We have different levels of intimacy with people that we know. There are some that we would wave to if we saw them across the room. There are others that we would see and work our way to them to embrace them.

Our relationship with God isn't so different from that. There are times when we see Him from a distance and give Him a wave or a wink and a nod. We are comfortable knowing Him, but don't want Him to get to close to us out of fear, apathy or selfishness. There are other times when we would run across the room to see Him and grab Him in a big bear hug that might make other people around us uncomfortable.

What is the difference between these two scenarios? It can't be God-He doesn't change. The shift then is in us. It is in our character-our willingness to be righteous people through His Holy Spirit. Andy Stanley put it this way in his book, Louder Than Words, "...character paves the way to intimacy with God."

It makes me give thought to how I would greet God if I saw Him from across the room today.

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