Monday, March 14, 2011

Average Prayer

If Bill Gates would tell you that he is going to share his resources and help your family, you probably wouldn't waste an opportunity by asking him to fix you a sandwich or buy you a gallon of milk. That would just be stupid.

Why is it that we limit our prayers and petitions to God in the same way then? Is it that we have forgotten who we are praying to? Has our faith in His ability to answer gotten so small that we simply ask Him to heal someone's toe or get us out of situations that are a result of our own decisions? We have stopped praying prayers that are worthy of the God that we are praying to. No wonder then that the answers He provides seem small-they match the faith that we are praying with.

We need to be reminded that God is the Creator of the universe and that He wants to provide big answers to bold prayers. Not only because He wants to bless His children, but so that the world might know who He is.

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  1. We have THE High Priest fighting for us--Jesus Christ!