Thursday, January 19, 2017

Off Schedule

Planning out each part of your day is supposed to help with productivity and staying on task. While that might be an effective planning tool, it may not accurately represent the way each day will flow. Even with careful forethought there will be unplanned interactions and events which throw us off our intended path. In fact, I would argue that interruptions are almost guaranteed. The question we each have to answer is, "How will I react when this happens?"

We can choose to get upset about these inconveniences or we can view them through a different lens. While constantly being off schedule won't be helpful, we might find that occasional interruptions lead us to experience life in new ways. It might cause us to engage in a deep conversation, meet someone new, or live out a unique moment. Perhaps it's the moments in the margin of our calendars that show us a refreshing and unexpected side of life.

When you feel off schedule, take a deep breath and look for the new experience you might have missed otherwise.

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