Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brand New Day

Today marks the start of 2017 and it comes bursting with the promise of something fresh and new. It's an accepted tradition to reflect on all the previous year held and to look forward to a clean canvas on which we can begin a unique work of art.

What really is the difference between yesterday and today? Except for changing the last number in the calendar year, there isn't a major shift except for our individual perspective. This turning of the last calendar page from the previous year brings heightened anticipation for the possibility of change and belief in growth. The shift forward in years allows us to imagine how things could be better and how this year will be different. Focusing on the new is motivating and reminds us that while we may not be satisfied with our current status, there is always time for improvement. Sometimes the excitement of potential is enough to move us forward.

We can be better, my friends. Let today be the start of something new.

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