Friday, January 6, 2017

Hang On To It

Do you ever wonder why negative things tend to stick in our memories easier than positive events? It might have been a harsh comment from someone we can't let go of, a relationship that fell apart, or a distant, tragic event that still seems fresh. Regardless of the source of this discomfort, it becomes a memory we struggle to move away from.

Recent brain research has actually revealed that negative occurrences function like Velcro in our brains while positive ones are like Teflon. It only very few seconds and no effort on our part for negative experiences to become imprinted into our memories. For something positive and encouraging to become part of our lasting memory however, we have to focus on it for about 15 seconds to make it last.

What positive thing will you intentionally focus on today? What moment of simple beauty will you capture by hanging on to it for a few seconds? Are we able to see a positive comment, a loving look, or a small step towards a goal and recognize it's worth keeping?

Look for something positive today and spend 15 seconds making sure it stays.

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