Sunday, February 21, 2016


Kevin Stone is a fellow executive pastor I follow online who always has helpful things to say. He blogged recently about being accessible to the church staff to provide help and to model servant leadership. While I completely agreed with his post, it also moved me to think about my accessibility in other areas of my life.

Am I available to God’s direction and leading? I know I want to follow where He takes me, but am I open to listening even when I don’t hear exactly what I want to hear? Does my wife think I am accessible? Am I open to sharing with her and ready for conversation while being emotionally and mentally engaged? Do my children think I am available to them? Do they feel I am focused on them when we spend time together or is my attention always elsewhere? What about the people I see on my life’s path? Am I closed off to strangers and friends or do I leave myself open to a genuine interaction that recognizes the intersection of our journeys? Am I allowing myself to be accessible to the Holy Spirit and opportunities for compassion and growth? Am I willing to adjust my personal agenda and schedule to make room for these moments or is my task list too consuming?

Being accessible doesn’t happen accidentally. To be available for the people and moments that matter there has to be an intentional effort to be open, aware, and present.

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