Sunday, February 28, 2016

Family Affair

My wife and I traveled to Florida this weekend for the very special wedding of someone I have known since she was a toddler. Her father has been a mentor, colleague, and friend for many years and I was deeply honored to be part of their family's day. The conditions were almost perfect and  the details came together in a harmonious blessing for the couple and all of us in attendance as well.

The weekend carried another special blessing as I was able to spend time with many of my friends from Mainland High School. These are people that have been an influential part of my life for 30 years—first as a student, then as a co-worker, and ultimately as close friends. We have endured so much together in that time. We have shared high peaks of joy, deep valleys of sorrow, frustrating seasons of growth, and great life change. There is a history of rolling laughter, sweat equity, kind generosity, stubborn disagreement, and a shared passion for making a difference in our community. Together we have made a mutual investment in thousands of lives and most importantly in each other.

These people are family to me. We know each other—the good and the bad—and we love each other deeply. We have seen each other at our best and our worst while loving each other for the complete picture of who we are. There is a bond between us all that encompasses so much of our life history and is strong enough to unite us across the miles and years. We may not share bloodlines, but we have shared so many other parts of our life forging relationships that bring great joy to my soul. My heart is full from time together with these wonderful people and I am grateful our lives have intersected in so many ways.


  1. Beautiful words about some beautiful people.

    1. Thank you, my friend! I am tremendously blessed by the Buc family--including yours!