Monday, December 8, 2014

Standing the Right Way

In Jewish history, there is a man named Mordecai who served as a guard for the king when the Jews were in exile. Circumstances led to an edict being issued that called for the death of all of the Jews because of one man's personal grudge. Mordecai refused to go into hiding or to run from the situation, but instead humbled himself before God and sought the help of leadership to have the situation changed. Because of his determination, his willingness to do things the right way, and God's deliverance, the Jewish people were saved.  

As I look at his example, I wonder if we are willing to be a Mordecai today? Will we stand against injustice in a God-honoring way? Will we actively seek God on behalf of other people? Will we have the courage to stand for what is right as we stand united for God? 

Relief and deliverance from oppression are a gift from God and He is ready to bring that through faithful people even today. Let's stand together for what is right and stand the right way. 

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