Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Performance Based

"Many Christ-followers try to live for God's acceptance, love and blessings instead of living from God's love, acceptance, and blessings to us based on 
Jesus' accomplishments for us."
Limitless Life, Derwin Gray

I identify far too much with that statement. It took me years to realize that I was living a performance-based existence and searching for validation in what I was able to accomplish. It affected my attitude towards my family, my career, and my relationship with God. As I have recognized this over the past several years, I have readjusted my perspective to more accurately reflect who I am in God's eyes. While I may still fall into the "performance trap", I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of my value based simply on God's unconditional love. 

It may be difficult for us to fully understand this (and even harder for us to live it out) but that's what make it so unique. This perfect love can only come from a perfect God. No matter how successful or unsuccessful I might be God's love for me is unchanging. I don't have to comprehend it to appreciate it.

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