Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unpopular Prophet

The prophet Amos didn't always work in ministry, but had the secular job of shepherding until God put a call on his life that changed his career profile to full-time ministry. Amos now had the unpopular job of relaying God's message to the Israelites who had forgotten who the One True King was. Several times Amos would beg God to stop the impending judgment and destruction that was forthcoming and God acquiesced. This did nothing to increase Amos' popularity, but he was obedient to that calling nonetheless.

Pastors are called to be prophets. This does not always guarantee popularity or loyalty, but it is more about our obedience to God's calling and our confidence in His faithfulness than it is about our reputation. We have to be willing to speak the truth from Scripture as revealed by the Holy Spirit regardless of crowd affirmation. We also must speak to God for people who are unwilling or unable to do it for themselves. With true compassion for the circumstances that our people find themselves in, we will humbly seek God's favor for them-even if they don't appear to desire it.

The response of people isn't the main predictor of success-not in God's eyes anyway. It is found in the fulfillment of His calling and our confidence in Him. The seems antithetical to American standards of church success, but being a faithful Christ-follower is almost always countercultural to popular opinion.

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