Friday, November 4, 2011

Ready or Not

Life can come at you quickly and often not too gently. There are periods of peace, but also times of trial that require diligent perseverance to survive. Most of us are unprepared for those difficulties which in turn brings a reaction that isn't always healthy for us or anyone else around us.

God cautions us to be ready for these moments in 1 Peter 5:8 when He says, "Be alert (vigilant) and of sober mind." He understands the need for us to be focused on Him and not to be consumed with other things. The common perception of "sober" is usually associated with alcohol, but it can apply to anything that we allow to take all of our focus: sports, our fantasy football team, careers, hobbies, our children, love interests, etc. Those things are not bad as part of our overall life, but when they become the primary focus of our energies and thoughts they crowd out any space that we might have for God. 

That is where God is trying to guide us-into a daily, desperate search for Him that fills our needs and prepares us for whatever comes our way.

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