Saturday, November 5, 2011

Always Alert

I wrote yesterday about the need for us to stay focused on what God has and not our own agenda. There is another part to that verse from 1 Peter-the need to to be vigilant. This requires a daily, intentional awareness of what is happening around us and the intensity of the battle that we face. Our calling is not to just fill ourselves up with the things of God, but to be ready to confront the things of this world with that truth.

Each day will come with temptations and influences that will work against God's plan for us. When we don't recognize those schemes we suffer damages that pull our hearts away from God. We see disunity arise, families drift apart from each other, addictions take hold of us, and rationalization of sin become our new pastime. Even if we are equipped with the power of the Word we have to engage the enemy to defeat him otherwise we are spiritually impotent.

Our enemy (satan) is always prepared and ready to steal, kill, and destroy us. Being alert to what he is attempting to do and fighting it with the preparedness that comes from God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit will certainly defeat him. If our eyes are not open to the constant battle we will certainly become casualties of war and the lost souls of people around us are collateral damage.

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