Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Does This Mean?

We pursue many things in life-some with cognizant effort and others just as intentionally, but without the realization on our part that we are working towards it. We strive to accumulate wealth, develop reputations, establish portfolios that reflect our status, maintain our popularity, and be the person that people count on in crisis

How significant are all of these pursuits? What impact will they make after we are gone from this place? They all end up being temporary reflections of status that can lose all of their value in an instant. Our focus needs to shift from fulfilling these fleeting needs to investing in something that is more eternal. Our intentional efforts should align with God's calling on our lives and the work of the Church that supersedes the time limits of our physical life here.

It can be a difficult prism to examine our lives through, but focusing our efforts into something with true meaning will not only benefit us in eternity, but add greater significance to the life we lead here.

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