Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Generals & Gatekeepers

When you read the Old Testament and look at the story of King David you see the many people that interacted with him and those that he relied on greatly in battle. There were valiant warriors and leaders of his military, but there were also faithful people who served in other capacities as attendants in his home, gatekeepers, priests and servants. Each role supported the cause of the kingdom and was essential in its own way to the success of God's work through David.

The same is true of the Church. There are generals with a larger scope of responsibility, but there are also gatekeepers who have extremely important roles as well. Maturity in believers leads us to find what calling we have and then fulfilling our role so that the Church can continue to fulfill her mission. When the church is filled with people clamoring to be a general instead of joyfully and humbly serving in their giftedness and calling, we create missional impotence and the result is a dying church that brings no honor to the King.

Unity of purpose in fighting satan (and a church that cannot be stopped) is found when we step into the battle and serve faithfully together with more concern for the advancement of the Kingdom than our own recognition.

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