Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Training

It is easy to become overwhelmed by your current circumstances and the hardships you are struggling through. You can become concerned with what other people are saying & doing and your perception of what that means to you. You can succumb to the emotion of the moment and the tidal wave of details that swamp over you and easily forget the big picture of what God is doing.

With your head down (from weariness or frustration) you won't be able to see where God is leading you in the midst of the trials you endure. We are promised that we will endure tough times here-Scripture tells us that time and time again. The key to surviving those is to know two things: God is firmly in control and that He is using this to shape us into warriors for Him. All of what we endure is training for future endeavors and a shaping of our hearts into Kingdom workers. 

My perspective has changed this morning. I am not down-hearted at the difficulties of the last few weeks, but I am instead encouraged at the work that God is doing in me as He transforms me into what I need to be. I see the glimpses of the future that He has for me and I know that this preparation is necessary. Satan will not dissuade me or cause me to lose my focus. 

I am a warrior with a Kingdom cause and I am in training.


  1. Very encouraged by this post this morning! I too am a warrior in training with a Kingdom Cause. Ready to battle the storm and go forth to Greater Things!!

  2. It is war, and none of us are exempt - even those we look up to and are most courageous. Thanks for sharing - Richard Walker