Friday, May 20, 2011

What Matters

I was listening to the radio while driving in my car a couple of weeks ago and a local commercial came on. I honestly don't remember exactly what business it was advertising (car wash or car care of some kind), but I do remember two lines in particular that stuck with me.

The voice on the radio said, "Your vehicle is a reflection of who you are," and "Take care of your image."

I actually found myself laughing out loud (albeit sarcastically) and thinking to myself, "Who knew it was that easy?" Now I just need to go into debt enough to afford a fully-loaded, expensive-looking car and then spend hours each week keeping it sharp looking. No need to focus on maintaining my character, being a man of integrity, caring for those around me or spending quality time with my wife and children. I can take care of a positive image by simply having the right car.

Building and maintaining an image that is a true reflection of who we are takes hard work. It is an intentional choice to live a certain way each day and then follow through on that decision. The goal of being that person of integrity can't be obtained through a shortcut or defined by a piece of property.

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