Monday, May 23, 2011

Fear & Fame

In 1 Chronicles 14, David has been made king of Israel and his enemies the Philistines are bringing their armies against him. David's first action is to ask God what he should do and when God responds, David does what God tells him and of course is victorious. When the enemy comes against Israel again David does the same thing-he inquires of God, does what God tells him to do and defeats the enemy. Verse 17 then says, "So David's fame spread throughout every land, and the Lord made all the nations fear him."

Why is this not true of God's church today? The pattern is laid out for us all throughout Scripture: seek God, wait for an answer, do what He says and see victory. It is a breakdown in one of those steps of action on our part that leads to an ineffective church. If we are willing to humble ourselves as leaders (if you are a Christ-follower then you are a leader-have no doubts about that) and truly seek God for our families and our community, He has promised us that He will answer. The responsibility then falls on us to get up off of our praying knees and do what He has asked. Only then will the fame of God's Church spread and satan begin to fear the power of a Holy Spirit filled and active body relentlessly pursuing God's glory.

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