Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There is a phrase that used to describe something that looks better from a distance. It may not be the kindest of statements or phrases, but it is certainly applicable in certain situations. It is abbreviated by the letters HFFA and stands for "Hot From Far Away." It is not something that I would like to have said about me and honestly would be a little crushing to the ego if it was used to describe me.

What if this phrase was used to describe Christians-not in our physical appearance, but in our dedication to Christ? How would it make us feel to have someone say that we appeared to be committed to the cause of Christ from a distance, but once they got up close it just wasn't the same?

That type of inauthentic belief is what keeps us from pursuing Him fully and causes the rest of the world to accuse the church of being full of hypocrites. When we pursue authenticity and are honest about the journey of following Christ we start to be real enough that people might want to experience Him for themselves.

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