Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Already Done

I pray and struggle over sin in my life so much. I continually ask God for strength to resist temptation and courage to do the right thing.

As I read Watchman Nee's book The Normal Christian Life today, I am struck by the thought that perhaps I am fighting a battle that has already been won. I continue to pray for power and victory over sin when the outcome of that fight has been decided! Instead of wallowing in the guilt and shame of temptation and sin, I should be living freely in the grace given by God and won by Christ's sacrifice and resurrection. I keep longing to be a man who is free from earthly/fleshly issues when God is trying to tell me that I already am that man. My calling now is to live in the power of the Holy Spirit and be who I am now-justified and sanctified by God, ready to do His great work.

How different would our churches and communities be if we could realize what is already ours and simply live & communicate that truth? Satan shudders at the thought.

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  1. Amen to that! Oh that we would live victoriously at all times. It reminds me of King David when they fought against his son Absolom. Even though they won the "war" David acted defeated. I know it's not a perfect comparison, but live isn't perfect either. David's reaction affected all the people. How can we think our reactions don't do the same?