Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

How much can change in one year? When I was younger, a year seemed like it would last forever. As I grow older however, I feel as if they fly by so quickly I almost can't keep up with them. Each one brings new opportunities and experiences and more often than not, things that I do not anticipate.

Our lives were changed forever exactly one year ago today. The recognition of that doesn't make me melancholy-it just causes me to pause for a few moments and reflect on the experiences and emotions of the last 365 days that are both enriching and testing.
  • A spirit of peace & calmness that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit
  • Asking God the question, "What's next Lord?" and listening more intently than ever
  • Seeing our faith in God refined & increased as we have no choice but to trust Him fully
  • Packing up a house that was our 1st as home buyers and wondering how God was going to handle that part of the equation
  • Being reminded of God's protective plan by three job offers within seven days
  • Leaving a hometown that I had lived in for 30 years of my life-my children for all of theirs
  • Being so warmly welcomed by new family & friends in Georgia
  • Recognizing within five days that God had definitely brought me here, in His timing, to be part of this team
  • Painful and yet necessary refining by God
  • Challenging conversations with a brother in Christ who understands where we have come from and pushes me to seek God's best for the future
  • Seeing and hearing of the impact that we have had in other people's lives-even from a distance
  • Recognizing that we are in better spiritual shape as we go through the process of healing
  • A sweeter and richer relationship with God for my family
  • Lessons that I trust will guide me down God's path for the next steps in my life
It hasn't been an easy journey these last 525,600 minutes, but our family is truly learning what it means to trust in a God for whom there are no surprises. Thank you Father for what you have brought us through and what you have brought us to.

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