Friday, April 23, 2010


I am reading in Exodus as God lays out the instructions for building the tabernacle. They are very specific as God knows exactly what He is looking for from His people. It will be a thing of beauty and will be a reflection of their homage to Him each time they enter it.

It gives me pause to think-do we trust God with the specific details of our lives now? He obviously has a plan for them (only if you believe in Scripture of course), but we are the ones who so often will choose to do them differently. We then find ourselves wondering why things seem out of whack, and end up turning (hopefully) to God to beg for relief from our circumstances-even if they are circumstances of our own making.

Perhaps the true progression of faith is when we start to seek God's vision for the small things in our lives and not just ask Him to give us direction in the "big" moments.

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