Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Reflections

Wow.  That is all that I can say (well, not all-that's a short blog otherwise.)

  • It was so uplifting to see good friends from Florida this weekend-good for my heart & yet heartbreaking at the same time
  • I do love me a fire on a cool night-can't get enough of them-especially with great people to share it with
  • God absolutely broke me in the middle of our 9:15 service this morning.  I was so overwhelmed by the greatness of who He is & how He shows it to us. I had to stop & simply share my heart before preaching.
  • There is simple beauty in the Doxology that resonates with my soul
  • Preaching a sermon titled, "Trashing Tradition" makes people nervous.
  • Not trashing tradition, but instead focusing on the heart behind them hopefully challenges people to live a real relationship with God.
  • Your lips are movin', but your heart ain't groovin'.
  • Praying for the things that people wrote down today that they want to get rid of-sins & the ill-focused traditions that keep us from a true godly relationship
  • Our God is greater than we can imagine & I am grateful that His grace is enough for me.

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