Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday Reflections-a day late

Sunday reflections posted on Monday are still about Sunday.  That's not necessarily deep wisdom, but it's workable enough for a Monday morning.

  • Reading some A.W. Tozer for my devotional time-love me some Tozer!
  • One of the big questions raised yesterday-what are you going to do with Jesus? It will be answered by all!
  • No doubt that Mike was filled with the Holy Spirit yesterday-he just flat out brought it at each service-in a tough passage no less
  • I am enjoying the creativity of weaving together worship experiences & praying that it is impacting people
  • We are blessed with a passionate and talented worship team!
  • Are you a deserter, a faker, or a follower when it comes to Christ? There will be evidence in your life that proves which one you are.
  • I love it when people come for prayer & decisions at the end of the message-it shows their willingness to respond to God's leading
  • Enjoyed a good southern buffet lunch yesterday with friends as we continue to adjust-and then stood around talking for almost another hour!
  • A lazy Sunday afternoon with my family tops off a good day
  • Can't wait to see what God has planned for this coming week!

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