Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Reflections-Thankgiving Style

Been a busy week with Thanksgiving so I'll cheat a little bit and throw some of that in there too:

  • Traveled to Nashville, TN to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws-first time we were close enough to do that
  • The trip to Nashville is only about 5 hours from our house, but with traffic took 6 1/2.  'Nuff said.
  • My mom & stepfather made it up for their first visit on Saturday-long drive from Fort Pierce for the
  • With my family in town we had our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner-this time at our place-I seriously have to lose some weight
  • Set up our Christmas tree today-made my wife & children very happy!
  • It is always an honor to speak God's Word whether it is for the adult worship services or for youth-today was no exception
  • We are celebrating Advent as a church & also as a family-it is a tradition we have observed as a family for several years now
  • The message of hope from Isaiah 9 is one that I need to be reminded of daily & I pray that people at Northridge heard that from God today
  • What a great worship set this morning-we have truly gifted worship leaders able to adjust on the fly!
  • It is always an incredible blessing to start a service with a baptism-especially one of our youth stepping forward to commit her life to Christ!
  • God is doing an incredible work here in Milledgeville-praying that we don't do anything to disrupt what He is doing!

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  1. I love listening to you - reading it is no different!!!! I had a passion in high school for a huge (literally) evangelist named Big Rick. He used to visit our high school for a week of evangelism every year, and I absolutely loved him. I can imagine that you are our youth's "Big Rick". I might even start calling you "Big Craig". Or "Big Hunky". NEVERTHELESS, I feel blessed for my son to be in your path at this point in his life. I hope he has found his "Big Rick" that he will remember for the rest of his life. Y'all are a blessing to us!!!!!!!! We love you! - Christie