Friday, December 4, 2015

Just Because

When I got married, I wasn't given a list of things I had to do to make my marriage work. There was not a descriptive account of my responsibilities now that I had a wife. In fact, I would have been reluctant to enter into marriage if there was an accompanying book telling me all the things I now had to do. My wife and I have a healthy relationship because we understand each other and choose to do those things that reflect our love. Neither of us feel obligated to perform or engage with each other, but respond out of our honest affection together.

I think there's often a misconception about what it means to have a relationship with God. Most often there is the belief that there is a long list of acceptable vs. unacceptable behaviors and we have to tow the line or get smacked. While there are consequences for decisions we make, I like to think my relationship flows out of an understanding and appreciation for who God is instead. When I am able to see Him for who He truly is, then I choose to do things differently because of that relationship.

Instead of living in a dynamic where I "have to" do certain things, it now is about how I "get to" do those things. This is a response based in love instead of fear and in honor instead of obligation. Now we can live in a thriving, healthy dynamic instead of constantly being afraid of coming up short.

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