Friday, December 11, 2015

Banding Together

I meet good friends for coffee on Tuesday & Thursday mornings as our local Starbucks opens. We talk about our shared passion for running, our families, common difficulties, and our hopes of being better men. There isn’t usually an agenda, but just time set aside to enjoy coffee and good company.

I need this friendship and the safety of easy communication and complete transparency. My wife is my best friend, but the closeness of a like-minded brother is incredibly important to me as well. It’s not something I’ve always fully appreciated, but I now recognize how valuable this community is to me. As a man I didn't always create space for that to happen, but would try to get by on my own strength and wisdom. The benefit of age (and a touch of maturity) is that I can see how this closeness helps me to develop strength and be encouraged to keep growing.

I can make the journey through life without strong male friends, but it’s much more rewarding and fulfilling to have a few close friends to be part of it along the way.

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