Monday, November 24, 2014

Challenged Thinking

I have a good friend who is a pastor at another church in town. Our friendship was developed through our churches mutual investment in a community camp a couple of years ago. We have continued to work together on a variety of projects and are both very welcome in our respective churches.

Outside of church events and outreach, we continue to meet for coffee and early morning breakfast to stay connected and encourage one another. I thoroughly enjoy conversations with my friend and always gain a great deal from the way we stimulate thinking in each other. He has more ministry experience than I do and is able to offer a unique perspective from his denominational and cultural background. It's obvious that he spends a great deal of time in prayer and Scripture as he is willing to change his own view of things as God works in him.

I always look forward to our conversations simply because of our friendship. I also appreciate how he challenges my understanding of things and raises questions that are aimed at growth. It's encouraging to me to see two pastors from diverse backgrounds come together and motivate each other as we look to make an impact on our community. It's an important relationship of diversity in unity and the kind that I believe all leaders should seek out.

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