Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stoppage Time

I was sitting at a red light in Macon today while visiting some people and looked ahead to see a string of green lights down the road. There wasn't any traffic coming through my intersection and yet my light had not turned green. I suppose that I could have gone forward to the lights that were in my favor, but there would have been consequences for my impatience.

It's a powerful leadership illustration as well. We might see possibilities farther down the road, but we are currently stopped for some reason. It might be a place of learning, an opportunity for maturity, or the right time to develop patience and perseverance. We can choose to ignore the signal to stop as we look for success, but there are consequences for trying to shortcut the process of developing opportunity. Even though it might appear that our path is clear farther ahead there is still great value in where we are right now.

Don't ignore the power of the present for the enticing appearance of the future.

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