Monday, October 17, 2011

What Did You Expect?

When people are feeling the tension between where they are now and the impatient urgency of where they feel God is leading them next, I tell them to ask Him one question-"What am I supposed to be learning now?" It is a query that should open us up to the refining that God wants to do in us before He reveals the next step in our faith. Always keeping that question in mind will make us more aware of the situations surrounding us and what we can glean from the trials that we go through.

I have been feeling that tension in my own life lately-from what is here now and where He is guiding me next. God recently told me "Not Yet" in response to my prayers, so I then asked the old faithful question of what I was supposed to be learning in the interim. I was then confronted last week with some uncomfortable truths about myself-things that I didn't necessarily love to hear, but after a few days of processing were made more clear. 

It was while mowing my yard on Friday (and talking with God in the process) that it hit me between the eyes. I had asked God what I needed to learn next and He had revealed it to me. It wasn't a skill I needed to acquire or some new leadership/management technique. He needs to refine some things inside of me before He reveals the next part of His vision for my life. 

I asked and God answered. Just because it didn't come in the format I expected doesn't mean the response wasn't true or necessary.

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  1. I got a similar 2x4 today as well. It wasn't easy nor wanted, but hopefully I am learning from it.