Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gotta See It

I am a visually oriented & stimulated person (as my wife vigorously affirms.) I tend to be very observant of changes in people and my environment. I look for small details in things and appreciate them for the unique perspective they bring. I tend to write a lot of things down so that I can see them. I use a 4' x 8' whiteboard mounted on the wall of my office (see pic below) for ideas, planning & sermon writing. Even though I am well-versed in technology, I still use a Franklin planner to write everything down. It helps me to be able to physically visualize things as I process thoughts.

This can create hardships however when talking about faith. Since faith is clearly defined as what I cannot see, I sometimes struggle with interpreting God's messages for my own life. Being so visually oriented can make it difficult to lean firmly on faith for direction and guidance and can sometimes lead to hesitance to take action on other signals from God.

I am constantly asking God to increase my faith and to give me signs of what He has next for me. It is a sign of His strength meeting my weaknesses when I am able to hear His voice and take action on it.

If I could just get Him to write things out on a whiteboard for me it would be so much easier.

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