Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Intentions

It has been over a week since my last blog and while that may not matter in the scheme of life, it is still longer than I intended to go without writing. It has actually been on my mind to do and I have planned on blogging several times, but it hasn't happened. The busy schedule, battling illnesses, flexibility in staff due to illnesses, family times, lesson & sermon prep and other things have squeezed out the time (and creativity) to sit and write.

It represents so many things for me spiritually. I have the best intentions, but the follow through is what suffers. I intend to pray more deeply and purposefully and instead find myself praying for the same things I always do. I intend to delve deeply into God's Word and really seek His wisdom and instead find myself reading along and checking it off my to-do list. I intend to have more direct conversations with my children about God's blessing and purpose for their life and find myself tucking them in again at the end of the day without having done so. I intend to show more compassion and patience with people and yet my initial reaction is nothing close to that.

I am thankful that God manages to fill the gap between my intentions and my actions. That doesn't take me off the hook and allow me to blame all of my shortcomings on my "sinful, human nature" and never take action. What does happen is that I am even more grateful for the daily newness of God's grace and mercy that He is willing to pour down on me in spite of my weakness.

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