Monday, May 3, 2010

Orange Conference Reflections-Part 1

I spent Thursday & Friday with our children's ministry team at the Orange Conference in Atlanta. It was a privilege to spend time with our leaders and we were all challenged by what we heard. Still processing a lot of it-especially in the wake of the Exponential Conference the week before.

  • The quickest way to see your spiritual gift is to have someone walk in the room with the same gift, but at a higher level. -Nancy Ortberg
  • People will stagnate or move backwards if they are not given challenges. -Nancy Ortberg
  • Leadership is the promise of development. -Nancy Ortberg
  • Vulnerability in leadership is a powerful commodity. -Nancy Ortberg
  • The more you collide with God, the more you understand who you are. -John Ortberg
  • Every parent is singularly overwhelmed by their own inadequacies. -John Ortberg
  • We are called to something bigger than being nice. -John Ortberg
  • For me to be the me I need to be, I will disappoint people. -John Ortberg
  • Transformation requires at least as much grace as salvation does. -John Ortberg
  • This generation will not grow if their leaders are not transformed. -John Ortberg
  • Both the culture and the church have failed children. -Chap Clark
  • God's heart never breaks passively-it always breaks in action. -Chap Clark
  • "Social capital" is the key to healthy growth. -Chap Clark
  • We have different measures of effectiveness than God does. -Chap Clark
  • A stable family is the safety net for an adolescent. -Chap Clark
  • We have made Jesus into our image and then we worship that image. -Chap Clark

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