Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Reflections

  • Celebrating New Year in Georgia is also a new first for us-had an awesome low country boil meal at new friends' home
  • The visits of Florida friends never gets old! It was a blessing to spend some extended time with the Lather family-love & miss them very much
  • We are truly digging the cold weather here-not used to this extended cool weather, but you can't beat the fire rolling in the fireplace on a regular basis
  • I am truly blessed with three incredible daughters and a beautiful wife and I want to remind them every day of how much they mean to me
  • The people at Northridge are truly family to us now and I am reminded each week of how much we mean to them and how important they are to us in return
  • The future here in Milledgeville is so bright-we are praying hard for God to do more than we could ask or imagine this year-looking for 100 baptisms!
  • Mike's challenge to serve today was tough & a blessing to hear-if you aren't willing to serve then we don't need you here!
  • He also challenged believers by asking if they thought the church was a luxury liner that we got to sit on and eat fine foods while people were drowing all around us
  • I am thrilled with Craig & Brandi Sheppard & Chad Phillips and their dedication to teaching middle & high school Bible study each week-what great hearts and passion for the youth!
  • Can't wait for The Well next week! Starting on Sunday night from 5-7 for high school!
  • Also can't wait for Awakening for middle school on Wednesday, Jan. 13th!
  • Praying for Joe Putting & his family-my brother in Christ was diagnosed with leukemia this week-looking for God to do a great miracle.

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