Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Reflections in the Cold

Wow! What an incredible day at Northridge! My prayer is that God continues this great work and it spreads throughout all of His churches!

  • Turkey Bowl was a blast yesterday-a blast of arctic air! 18 degrees at the start!
  • What an incredible blessing today as we saw 703 people in worship!
  • We had 3 scheduled baptisms today, but also saw 2 more people choose to join them
  • Also had another couple parter with us after Discover Northridge
  • A God-focused life doesn't happen accidentally!
  • No Spectators!
  • Started The Well tonight-new high school worship experience for high school and saw 36 people come to start our January series, "New & Improved"
  • Looking forward to "Awakening" coming this Wednesday night for middle school-praying for God to fill the room.

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