Saturday, March 23, 2019

I Should...

Have you ever said “I should…” when describing where you feel you are supposed to be in maturity, health, and preparation? I’ve recognized my own list of “shoulds” that have been part of my thinking.

I should...

Be stronger
Be better at this
Be able to figure this out
Be farther along on my journey
Have a better plan
Have more money saved
Be in better shape
Be over this by now
Have better relationships
Be able to adjust more quickly
Be able do more
Be able to bounce back more quickly
Know better

There is a dangerous line between wanting to grow and using the word "should" as a way to shame yourself for things you aren't. Shifting your mindset to use the word “could” instead can actually be helpful. Examining yourself with a healthy perspective allows you to see progressive growth even if you aren’t as far along on that path as you would like to be.

Should is filled with shame. Could is filled with potential.

Keep pushing yourself to become your best version, but don't let gaps in growth and temporary setbacks define your character. See your potential without punishing yourself for not fully living it out yet. Each day presents another opportunity to move closer to your most complete self.

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