Sunday, August 14, 2016

Be There

Are we so consumed with the busyness of accomplishment in our lives that we’ve forgotten to take pleasure in the journey?

Often it’s easy to become so consumed with doing things to maintain a lifestyle that we forget how to live in the middle of those efforts. Our passion for pursuing health can lead us to being consumed by exercise regimens instead of taking pleasure in good health. Our pursuit of career goals can lead us to tunnel vision that eliminates the enjoyment of progress. We can pour our lives into church and working for Christ and never really walk with Him in a relationship. A deep passion for providing every opportunity for our family negates the simple joy of doing things together. The efforts to push ahead are valuable and shouldn’t be neglected, but we’ve missing something incredibly valuable if we just zero in on the perceived destination.

I think sometimes I’ve become so focused on doing that I’ve forgotten the value of being. Life isn’t just about the targets in front of us. While there is great satisfaction in achieving those goals our memories are made in the steps along the journey.


  1. Point well made! Today while standing on the back deck, I saw a deer and her fawn...It wasn't my first time seeing deer, of course, but for the first time in a long time, I wasn't in a hurry to get back to what I was doing. I was content with all that the moment had to offer; a mother being careful not to expose her young to danger, the "kiddos" when given the sign that it was okay to play, dancing around her and enjoying the terrain...the likelihood that I'll get to see that family again by the end of Fall is pretty slim, so I thank God for the moment!

    1. I definitely notice more of these moments when my focus is wider. Otherwise I end up narrowly zoomed in on tasks and agendas and miss the beauty of things around me. Glad you were able to simply be in that moment!