Monday, July 18, 2011

Seeking Acceptance

Acceptance can be a very tantalizing and dangerous object of our affections. From a young age we become conditioned to seeking it from our parents and then spend the rest of our life in pursuit of it. We push after success in athletics, academics and in the number of our friends to appease our souls. As we get older we look for it from our bosses and our spouses. This human need affects all of our relationships-sometimes in ways that we don't even recognize. It ultimately influences the way that we interact with God.

We fight within ourselves to gain His acceptance. We fall victim to the tainted belief that if we can just be good enough that He will love us. It is one of the greatest lies that satan has ever convinced the world to buy into. It is a fallacy that keeps too many souls from pursuing God because they don't think they can measure up.

The truth is that we are His beloved. He knows all of who we are and loves us deeply and passionately through it all. He has fully accepted us long before He ever created us and wants us to grasp that love so we can begin to trust Him.

Communicating that message to the world (and believing it for ourselves) is the key to a passionate intimacy with God that will transform His people and His church.

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