Saturday, July 2, 2011

40 Reasons

Today is my 40th birthday. I'm not one for celebrating my own birthday much-not out of fear of age, but that I don't think it's a big deal. In honor of that day however, I decided to list 40 different reasons that I am thankful:

1.   A God who looks at my failings & shortcomings and loves me through them
2.   A wife that is more than I could ever deserve
3.   Lindsay-my oldest daughter and the leadership and compassion that I see in her each day
4.   Bailey-my middle daughter and her love for life and intense concentration in everything she does
5.   Olivia-my youngest and her love of her family and passionate intensity
6.   My mom-strong and loving and always gave me the freedom to try
7.   A family of in-laws that never made me feel like an "in-law" but always like family
8.   Family that means more to me than they know-even if we don't connect as much as I would like to
9.   High school friends that have reconnected over Facebook
10. Childhood friends that have never lost contact-even over miles and years
11. Seeing the results of investing in people as they discover Christ and commit to Him
12. People I am friends with now that were once students
13. Memories of good old Mainland High School-Buc Pride Never Dies!
14. Two cars that are fully paid for
15. A chance to start over financially
16. A friend and mentor for a boss that was patient and prayerful as we healed
17. For friendships of the past that are no more-I am grateful for the time that we shared
18. To know that I am missed
19. For brand new friends that lovingly accept our whole family
20. A chance to serve alongside brothers & sisters from Arizona, Michigan & CIY
21. The chance to preach-the message burns in my bones and must be shared whether I want to or not
22. The spiritual growth and depth that my wife and I have shared in the last few years
23. Comforts of life-food, shelter, clothing, water-things that I take for granted more than I should
24. That God has promised to never leave me or forsake me-no matter what
25. Mercies that are brand new every morning
26. A good meal around the table with my girls
27. Daddy-daughter birthday breakfasts
28. The influence of my grandparents-not a day goes by that I don't miss them
29. A beautiful home on a lake
30. Our health
31. My wife-my best friend, lover, spiritual companion and life partner. I love growing older with her
32. The opportunity to use the gifts that God has given me on a regular basis
33. Northridge Christian Church and all of God's people that I get to minister to regularly
34. Time on the back porch with my wife
35. Our time at Tomoka-it shaped me in so many ways and put me on this path that God had ordained for us
36. Music-it resonates in my soul in so many different ways
37. An audience with the King of Kings every moment of every day
38. Morning coffee time with my Bible
39. God's calling on my life-even if I don't know the exact direction & timing, I know this is where I am meant to be
40. Another year to celebrate the life I have been blessed with.

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