Sunday, March 13, 2011


It has been a stimulus filled week. God has been communicating to me in so many different ways and the truth is that I need some time to decompress. I feel the stirrings in my heart of the things that He is telling me through His Holy Spirit and I am excited (and a little anxious) about what they mean. I am still actively listening to Him and know that He will let me know when it is time to take action. For now, I simply list the blessings of this week:
  • Good friends who blessed my wife and I with tickets to the Hillsong United worship event
  • Good friends who watched our girls overnight so that we could go
  • The power of worshiping with thousands of people and hearing voices throughout the arena
  • How God spoke to my soul in the middle of that arena as if it were just the two of us there
  • Lyrics from the Aftermath album that are more powerful every time I listen to them
  • The enrichment from reading His Word and the way it ministers to me
  • Lists of thoughts from books, blogs, worship and prayer that I am still working through
  • Financial blessings from God due to our trust in Him
  • Another adopted child from Compassion-a sweet girl from Kenya named Fiona
  • A packed house on Wednesday night for The Next Level-God is using that to grow us all
  • Being challenged in worship & teaching at Newspring Church and the Unleash conference
  • Unexpectedly seeing old friends from Florida at Unleash
  • The camaraderie of staff traveling to and from the conference
  • A lead pastor that I am proud to follow and serve alongside
  • Springtime weather that has enabled our family to spend time outside together
  • Family meals and hugs and love from my girls
  • A wife that is more beautiful and loving than I deserve
  • Holy Spirit filled worship this morning that is stretching and growing us all
  • A Savior that loves me in spite of my many failings and still allows me to serve Him as a pastor.

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