Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Into the Woods

When my wife and I were dating in college we decided to drive to Kentucky from Nashville and take a tour of Mammoth Cave. With a great lack of planning on our part we arrived before lunch to find out that the tours were sold out for the day. Not wanting to simply turn around and drive back we decided to walk around the park for a bit.

It wasn't long after starting our hike that we decided to check out a small path leading deeper into the woods. Naturally this led to a multiple hour adventure of trying to find our way back to our vehicle and hoping that we weren't stuck in the woods of Kentucky without a hope of rescue. After several hours we had circled back around (not knowing it) and were able to see where our car was parked and go home.

This past weekend I heard about someone who described their spiritual life as being lost in the woods. You are unsure of which direction you are going in, you are starting to get hot, thirsty and tired, and you wonder if you will ever find the right path again. It can be a frustrating and lengthy journey and sometimes you wonder if it's worth fighting to find your way again.

The church (not an organization, but God's people) are supposed to be a help for those lost in the woods. We're supposed to send out rescue parties and find ways to help people find the right path. This isn't done out of superiority, but simply as people who have managed to find their way out of the woods at one time and are passionate about helping others do the same.

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