Thursday, January 27, 2011

Violent Prayer

I recently read a book called Violent Prayer by Chris Tiegreen and was really blown away by the perspective on prayer that the Holy Spirit provided through him. Instead of reviewing the book I thought I would blog some things that I thought were worthy of writing down.
  • Violent prayer = aggressively and fiercely challenging the enemy's agenda
  • In our relationship with God, getting in line with His will is a process.
  • Prayer is often a conflict resolution process between us and our God.
  • If we don't pray intensely, we lose.
  • Christians tend to view prayer as a means towards personal comfort, agendas and peace. The bulk of New Testament prayers are about the battle.
  • "Thy will be done" is in opposition to satan's will. This is said to give us a heavenly perspective.
  • Jesus told His disciples repeatedly that faith was integral to prayer. If we don't have it, we aren't really praying.
  • Prayer is often a matter of intense and unreasonable perseverance.
  • We can pray "Not my will but yours" because we know it and submit or because we don't want to go to the trouble to get direction and make a stand.
  • Bless vigorously, insistently and emphatically.
  • Love for a Holy God demands anger towards an unholy agenda.
  • When we pray for God's Kingdom to come, we're praying for satan's and all others to go.
  • We confuse our mission as Kingdom warriors when we judge invisible battles by visible signs.
  • The world uses intimidation, control, manipulation and condemnation to control situations. We use faith, humility, patience and mercy to defuse them.
  • Minimal investment, minimal results.
  • We either pick up our weapons and wage war, risking becoming casualties, or we ignore the war and become casualties anyway.

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