Friday, January 14, 2011

Evidence of Grace

In Acts 11, the church at Antioch is growing tremendously and growing through outreach to Gentiles. This is not the standard practice of that day and causes some concern amongst the church leaders.They decide to send Barnabas to investigate and see exactly what is happening. The text tells us that when Barnabas arrived he was able to see evidence of the grace of God in their church.

This should be a defining characteristic of all God's churches. We should be a center of grace and hope for all people in the community. It can't happen in the church if it's not happening in our own lives though. We have to strive to make the way we live a reflection of the grace that God has given us. That is a message that the rest of the world is searching for and that God's people have readily available.

Imagine how much more effective the church would be if we were committed to allowing the evidence of grace to be highly visible to all who interacted with us.

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