Friday, September 24, 2010

Spiritual Catalyst

I am re-reading In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson as we prep to begin a series on it next month. I had previously underlined the phrase "spiritual catalyst" and it stirred my thoughts this morning.

A catalyst is something that causes change-that creates a reaction.Working through the spiritual implications of that can be challenging. That catalytic event is also different for each of us depending on our maturity and recognition of God at work in the middle of it. Certain experiences are obviously defined as spiritual catalysts: a mission trip, a worship experience like CIY Believe/Move, a week of camp, a powerful prayer service or the beginning/ending of a life.

As we grow in Christ however, the scope of that concept is broadened. It no longer requires a sentinel event to get our attention and get us to focus on God-we start to notice Him in the moments throughout the day and then they serve to draw us closer to Him. Our hearts are changed as we start to see how He is calling out to us in multiple ways: the pain that we don't understand, the brokenness of our human relationships, the hurt that others inflict on us, the joy of a child's laughter, the comfort of holding hands with someone you love, the intimacy of praying for another person, the satisfaction in our soul when we serve someone with no desire for our own recognition, or a meal shared with family.

Those catalytic opportunities fill our day. Will we recognize them and let them serve as spiritual experiences that increase our intimacy with God or will we miss the whispering of our Father as He seeks to bring us closer to Him?

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  1. The prayer of a five year old that has the depth and wonder of prayers spoken by adults...